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TopResume Review

I’m not a resume expert or anything like that, but I use a resume writing service. The fact is that I changed my profession several times and often did not know how to show my skills. That’s what platforms like this are for, right? Often I was satisfied with the result, but some cases managed to disappoint me.

TopResume was one such service I used. However, I was shocked that TopResume writing service ratings are so high on various social networks. I want to talk about my experience, and therefore I want to talk about my impression.

TopResume Writing Services

Despite the easy process of interacting with the platform, you can easily miss the service you need. You will see only three packages of services. The most expensive of these include a resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile. In addition, premium users get an executive of the author, the best author who will deal with your order.

It is the service I chose. I need a cover letter, but updating my LinkedIn profile seemed fine too. Changing careers seemed scary to me every time, so the best option is to hire a professional for this job.

I found many articles from career coaches on the Top Resume blog. It’s great! I always wanted to have some little guide with tips for preparing for an interview: what to do, how to act, etc.

The platform has Federal and Military Transition Resume writing services. However, these are not easy to find and are not on the main page. You can only find these features by searching through the site.

Before ordering the service, you can check your existing resume.

TopResume Login and Order

The registration process is quite simple and typical for other resume writing companies. You enter your credit card details and become a customer upon payment confirmation. After that, a series of questionnaires awaits you, so the company understands which specialist you need to select.

TopResume Payment and Cost

The cost of TopResume services is average. Many will find this price affordable. And I agree, it’s not that expensive.

The company calls the main three packages of services:

  • Professional Growth – $149
  • Career Evolution – $219
  • Executive Priority – $349

You can use cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for payment.

The price gap is small, and these services seem to be popular.

However, I want to immediately warn you that the company does not have any return policy! You cannot get your money back if you are thoroughly disappointed.

What if I don’t like my Resume?

After fulfilling some conditions, you can request the revision of the Resume. The number of edits is small, and the rest of the services are not altered in any way. You won’t be able to get your money back.

Despite the 60-day warranty (which is not included in the cheapest package), the company will only redo your resume. You’d get a brand new one for free if you weren’t invited for an interview.

How quickly will my Resume be completed?

You usually agree on the date in written correspondence. At the same time, the company keeps the writers’ names secret and makes them pay extra for the opportunity to talk on the phone.

We agreed that the first draft would be ready within five days after the order. However, it is not. I waited much longer than required, but I could not contact the author directly. Such negligence disappointed me.

TopResume Support Team

Support is on schedule only. Even though the site has an online chat, it stops working after 6 pm.

I had to call support since my order was very late. The staff responded politely and promised to contact the author. I wonder if they follow the deadlines of their authors?

TopResume Social Review

Sitejabber and Trustpilot show incredibly high ratings, and among the positive comments, it is challenging to find dissatisfied people. You will have to search hard to doubt the high quality of services. But you can still find words like:

“Frankly, I wish I could give zero stars. The reviewer was very kind, but it was clear they had zero experience in my field. After five drafts (that I spent more time explaining simple financial concepts than anything helpful), the Resume and cover letter were barely passable. The LinkedIn page was almost unreadable.”

TopResume Reddit Review

Reddit remains the single most dissatisfied social network about TopResume. For example, here, you can hardly see a positive comment. You can even find some observations here, like this one. It makes me doubt the whole service quality.

In general, the public is not too happy with the result and does not understand why the Trustpilot has such high marks.

So, is TopResume legit?


  • Affordable prices
  • Fast service
  • 60 days warranty
  • Free verification of your Resume


  • No refund policy
  • The company does not meet deadlines
  • I can’t contact the author directly

My Opinion

I have used several resume writing services. This platform and its service did not surprise me. I saw the typical patterns and clichés of resume building. While re-reading, I managed to catch a few errors/typos. I think writers should try harder. However, in general, the Resume got better. I understand that career change resumes are the most difficult. Therefore, I am grateful to the author for his work.

No matter what, I like the service because of the lovely people who don’t look down on you. And although you can not always expect high-quality service, you will get pleasant communication. 

Actually, I don’t know if you should choose this service. On the one hand, I liked the work, but on the other … I do not want to take risks. The possibility of losing all my money because of a poorly done job does not appeal to me too much. I wish TopResume had more control over the quality of their product.